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Why Change to a Cloud-Based Phone System?

Why Change to a Cloud-Based Phone System for Your Bucks County, PA Business?

Many Small To Mid-Sized Companies Are Still Using On‑Site Phone Systems

Today, many small to mid-sized companies are still using on‑site phone systems. Why Not? The phone system is still working and there is not much maintenance. We own it. So why change to a Cloud-Based Phone System?

OK, I agree with all of the above except for "Why Change?"

Why not pay about the same amount you pay for the phone lines and get a new cloud-based phone system?

Hosted Cloud-Based Phone Systems Have Been Around for Years

Most companies are unsure of the cloud. They can't see it, touch it, or know where it is. So why trust it?

Over the past 15 years, large corporations couldn't run fast enough to heed their IT department's advice to install cloud-based systems. It saves maintenance costs and it's only $40 a month per extension... forever. The IT department can manage everything using existing staff.

Great concept. Wrong approach for companies. The VoIP industry passed the cost per phone per month off to Microsoft, Cisco and others by charging a monthly or yearly subscription fee per unit. Considering phone systems usually last 10 to 15 years, this made the VoIP companies lots of money.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems: Don't Make the Decision Alone!

With all the cloud-based phone systems available today, which one is right for your company? Remember, bigger doesn't mean better. Large national companies have large advertising budgets from overpriced services.

Today, You Have Many Choices

Don't get caught up in the "Cost Per Phone". It will only drain your bank account. The top 10 national cloud-based providers charge by the extension and features by the month. Most don't include a phone. You have to buy it or they will rent it to you. Then they offer one price of $29.95 per extension. But wait—that's if you pay the year upfront. Otherwise they will charge you $39.95 per extension monthly.

No one should pay over $25.00 per month per extension!

Business Communication Solutions Designed for the Future

With Lighthouse Communications, everything is included:

Streamline Communications and Save Money with Lighthouse Communications Cloud-Based Phone Systems!

Powered by 3CX, Microsoft Azure Servers, and Clearfly Communications

Lighthouse Communications has proudly helped many businesses seeking a cloud-based phone system in the Bucks County, PA and New Jersey areas fully realize the benefits and savings that such a setup provides them in contrast with traditional business phone systems.

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