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Traditional Phone Systems are a Thing of the Past

Traditional Phone Systems in Bucks County, PA are a Thing of the Past

For over 30 years, Lighthouse Communications has been installing traditional phone systems. Over the past few years, we've noticed phone system manufacturers closing their doors. Toshiba closed in 2018 and Samsung OfficeServ closed in October 2019.

More and more phone system vendors are switching customers to cloud hosted phone systems. For years, national hosted companies have been charging $25-$50 dollars per phone. They give their customers basic features and charge crazy amounts for all the extras. They all charge extra for desk phones, even for the phone in the breakroom! And their prices keep going up!

See what happens when businesses switch from traditional phone systems over to our cloud hosted solutions!

Lighthouse's cloud hosted IP phone systems are a fraction of the cost of "overpriced" local and national companies. When we switched from conventional phone systems to our hosted platform, we wanted to include everything: IP Enterprise Desk Phones, Smartphone and Desktop Apps, Web Meeting and Conferencing, Chat, Integration to Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and much more.

What our cloud hosted phone solution includes:

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