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What to Look for When Choosing a VoIP Phone System Provider

What to Look for When Choosing a VoIP Phone System Provider for Your Bucks County Business

Phone systems are the lifeblood of any business. They facilitate the daily interaction between your employees, customers, and potential leads. When you're running a successful business, you'll want a phone system that you can rely on — one that doesn't take valuable time away from the task at hand.

With our VoIP phone systems in Bucks County, PA, all of your business communications are cloud-based, with custom features that meet your needs and can grow with your business.

In this blog post we will go over what a VoIP cloud-based phone system is, as well as the benefits that make it the best business phone service available.

Our VoIP Phone Systems in Bucks County, PA Can Help Cut Communication Costs

VoIP cloud-based phone systems are the smart choice for businesses of all sizes. Not only do they provide significant cost savings, but they simplify office communications. By opting for a business phone service that has cloud-based solutions, there is no need for costly capital expenditure on phone equipment or additional line installation.

VoIP cloud-based phone systems will save you money on expensive hardware, reduce your maintenance costs, and can even reduce administrative overhead. Additionally, Total Voice VoIP systems can typically be written off as a 100% tax deductible expense. With VoIP cloud-based solutions such as those provided by Lighthouse Communications, your business' communication costs could be significantly reduced while you protect your tax liabilities.

Convenient Features

Offering the latest technology for collaboration, customer service and remote work, VoIP cloud-based phone systems have the ability to increase productivity. This is the ideal business phone system when you're looking for convenience and efficiency.

VoIP includes innovative features such as video web conferencing, instant messaging, and virtual receptionists. This system allows users to set up auto attendants and custom greetings or access a visual voicemail menu through an online interface.

CRM Integration

Having a VoIP cloud-based phone solution with built-in server-side CRM integration is a smart choice for any business. It means that customers will receive a superior experience every time they call.

Always Know Who's Calling

When a call is received, the system will automatically match the caller IDs to customers that have already been saved in your employees' contact database. It allows for customer calls to always be answered quickly and makes sure that customer data is readily available. This means you will always know who is calling and what was previously said during past conversations. Every customer interaction is logged and stored to the correlating customer record so you can easily access this data whenever needed. With this intelligent technology, businesses have all the necessary tools to ensure efficient communication, enhancing their customer service capabilities like never before.

Total Customization

The beauty of a VoIP phone system for your business is that it allows for total customization. Your Total Voice business phone system is tailored for businesses that are looking for a hassle-free installation process and minimal management requirements.

Easy to Use

When you have a VoIP cloud-based business phone service installed, you'll benefit from expert on‑site training, which will help you get the most out of your service. Plus, its intuitive and easy-to-use interface takes away all the guesswork when working with extensions. This means that anyone on your team can easily add or make changes to your system in no time at all. With your phone system's smart technology, you're sure to have a reliable system that meets business needs without problems along the way.

Best Provider of VoIP Phone Systems in Bucks County, PA – Lighthouse Communications

With over 30 years of experience, the experts at Lighthouse Communications know how important an efficient and convenient phone system is for your business. We are committed to helping companies achieve success through innovation and ever-changing technology.

When you are ready to cut costs, increase productivity and enhance your customer experience, give the experts at Lighthouse Communications a call today.

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