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3CX Promotes Lighthouse Communications to Platinum Partner

3CX Promotes Lighthouse Communications to Platinum Partner

3CX Platinum Partner

3CX is proud of their partner-level system designed for quality training, growth, and profit. With straightforward goals and requirements, 3CX Partners can smoothly progress through the levels. All 3CX Partners start in training. The partners have 90 days to become 3CX Basic Certified and start making sales. 3CX requires additional certifications at each level so they can move through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.

Through their training, certifications, and annual revenue, Lighthouse Communications, LLC is a 3CX Partner that has been promoted from Gold to Platinum Level.

3CX Promotion Level in Yearly License Sales:

Cut telecommunication costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service with Total Voice powered by 3CX software!

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