Relocating or Expanding?

If your business is relocating or expanding, you have a lot to coordinate. Take one thing off your plate by allowing Lighthouse Communications to relocate your business phone system.

Ready to move - We are ready to Help - Relocation Service

Our skilled technicians can relocate your phone systems quickly so you will not have to experience downtime. We can provide you with all of the voice and data cabling you need in your new office so you will be ready to start working as soon as the new office is ready.


Lighthouse Communications knows each location is different. There are unique requirements at different locations, and by understanding that, we are able to relocate the telecommunications system without any problems.


Relocation or expansion is also a great time to examine your existing system. Our engineers will look at the plans for the new office and analyze your business needs to see if you have the right system.

If changes are needed, we can easily make them during the expansion/relocation process. You can move into your new office with the phone system that is right for your business.


Moving? Expanding?

Why do you need your communications system up quickly? Downtime is lost money.

Lighthouse Communications will ensure your new office is ready for you to move in on-time.