Valcom Paging and Music Solutions

Paging Systems

Whether you’re responsible for a warehouse, a production floor or an entire plant facility, you know how difficult it is to communicate to every area, all the time. Lighthouse offers affordable solutions for every need. Paging systems allow you to cut down on time spent communicating with your employees in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Music and Paging

Music and paging systems can be installed in retail and office environments. Let us work with you to design a practical, affordable solution. These systems can be as small as one speaker, and can grow to hundreds and integrate with music, telephone systems, break bells and emergency alert systems.

Installing paging system for new Warehouse Building


The speakers come in multiple colors and can be installed in ceiling, walls, and surface mounts. The horns are indoor or outdoor and range in wattage to achieve the desired volume. Volume can be controlled at each speaker or can be controlled by a remote volume control.
We have installed music and paging systems in car dealerships, manufacturing, medical offices, real estate offices, schools, retail and many other companies.

Office paging and music speaker system


Moving to a new Office or updating your existing, Lighthouse Communications is here to help. From Small offices to Medium size Building, Dental – Medical, Retail, or Professional we have the music or paging system that’s right for your company.