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What are on hold messages?

On hold messages is a combination of music mixed with a professional voice over narrating information about the company or organization. On hold players connect to the audio input built into many business phone systems.  The on hold content then plays in a continuous loop to any callers put on hold on the phone system.

The Success of On Hold Messages.

Companies of all sizes that use hold messages said that those messages were a useful marketing tool for their businesses. Here are some facts – On average, 7 out of 10 callers are placed on-hold, system can reduce caller hang-ups by almost 79%.  The average hold time is 30 seconds and the average executive will spend over 60 hours a year on hold. Research clearly shows that callers stay on-hold up to 25% longer when listening to Hold Messages. Of the callers who hang up while on-hold, 34% will not call back.

Why get on hold messages?

There are many reasons to use messages on hold. A few of the more common reasons are:

  • Image Enhancement
  • Promoting Products and/or Services
  • Reassuring Callers
  • Reducing Hang-Ups
  • Providing Company Information
  • Improving Service
  • Entertaining Callers


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