Tapit Call Accounting and Recording Solutions

Tapit Call Accounting and Recording

“Tightly integrated with Tapit NOVA, our flagship Replay Call Accounting & Recording, offers unparalleled ease of use in searching, finding, and managing records at a price affordable to any business.”

It’s important that you know what’s going on when it comes to employee use of your company’s telephones. We already know this, but do you? It’s the reason that we are the leader in telephone Call Accounting & Recording software products. The Replay family of affordable Call Accounting & Recording solutions by Trisys, is the ultimate cost effective, reliable, easy to configure and maintain call recording product suite for all your voice recording needs.

Replay Call Accounting and Recording . . .

√ Comes with over 70,000 hours of recording storage (140,000 hours w/1 TB drive);

√ Comes with Tapit NOVA for the fastest search for your recordings;

√ Is a turnkey, all-in-one solution;

√ Provides passive recording and no interruption of your call traffic;

Call Accounting - Recording