Hosted VOIP Cloud Solutions

What is a Hosted or Cloud Based Office Phone System?

If you’re looking for a simple business phone system that’s easy to install, easy to relocate, scale up or down and is affordable, then look no further. Hosted VOIP is your answer.

Hosted or Cloud Phone System is a regular phone system that is hosted in the cloud that allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet as opposed to the conventional business phone system – But with alot more options.

Vantage Unified Hosted has come a long way from this!


Yealink T48S Gigabit IP Phone

Yealink T48G IP Phone
Snom IP Phones and 3CX

Why Not?

  • Hosted VOIP Solutions means that you will have no capital expense and it is usually 100% Tax Deductible as a, operating expense.
  • Completely scalable, its software not hardware making it easy to upgrade or change as your company changes.
  • Increases your competitive-edge by providing service and tools that help you get and keep more customers.
  • Greater employee productivity. Allowing your employees to do more with less.
  • Prevents downtime in case of a power failure or disaster. (Because it is cloud-based)


With Hosted VoIP Solutions, Lighthouse Communications know how to deliver sales design, installations and training, we go the extra distance every day. We care about your success.